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Oakley Barrelhouse eyeglasses are simple enough for the minimalist, but with enough personality to keep ’em interested Oakley is known for their precision craftsmanship, innovative technology, and cutting-edge design For men
Full rim frame made of C-5™ alloy, a compound of five metals patented by Oakley to create the most durable, lightweight frame. Available in different finishes to personalize your look.
Air-filled silicon nosepads for a custom fit Oakley’s patented Three-Point Fit® ensures the frame only makes contact at the bridge of the nose and behind the temples.
Rectangular shaped lenses will suit most face shapes Signature Oakley “O” displayed on temples Progressive friendly Come in an Oakley protective carrying case with a cleaning cloth.
Due to manufacturer’s restrictions, Oakley products can only be shipped to U.S. and Caribbean addresses. APO/FPO shipping is available.

Additional information




Female, Male






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